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Refreshes of large data sets on the Event Ticketing
Shareable CSV
feature are functioning optimally once again.
This feature creates a link to an auto-refreshing CSV of event attendees, accessible even by people who don't have Give Lively admin access. The fix improves upon an earlier upgrade and ensures management of large amounts of data. Learn how to access event attendee data using the “Shareable CSV” feature.
Today, with considerable concern for our member nonprofits, we have begun disabling the fundraising pages of California-delinquent nonprofits.
We are doing this as required by California’s new law governing how nonprofits conduct online fundraising and in accordance with the enforcement provisions of the California Attorney General’s Office. (Affected nonprofits receive advance email warnings from us and have notifications posted on the dashboard of their Nonprofit Admin Portal.) Read about California’s frustrating shakeup of online fundraising and our primer with full information about the law and its impact on all nonprofits.
We realigned design elements on Team Fundraising pages to prevent overlapping.
Dedicate This Gift
box no longer obscures the payment form, no matter the screen size. Learn how to add the ability to give in honor or in memory of someone.
A data issue with second-generation payment forms has been resolved.
During a brief period of database maintenance, some duplicate donations were detected. Understand Give Lively's different generations of payment forms.
Be the first to learn when GIve Lively will beta test a new feature or the major overhaul of an existing one.
Closed betas are an integral part of our collaborative product development process. By voluntarily participating in a closed beta program, member nonprofits give us valuable feedback in exchange for early access to the new products and features. Learn about — and subscribe to — our beta testing opportunities email list.beta_image_720
We have started our beta program for custom questions and we’re looking for more participants.
Our new model for adding custom questions to the checkout process on Give Lively-powered payment forms includes major enhancements and we're looking for organizations interested in early access to it in return for constructive feedback. Interested? Read about our Custom Question Beta Program.
The login button on Simple and Branded Donation Widgets has been removed
to minimize donor confusion. Learn how to use embeddable widgets to collect donations on your website.
A second-generation Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page now inherits the default frequency set on its associated Campaign Page
(as the first-generation Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page does). This frequency will also change on the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page if it is updated on the associated Campaign Page. Learn how to set/change the default frequency for a Core Profile or Campaign Page.
Team Fundraising pages with no set fundraising goal load properly once again.
Team Fundraising pages with a set goal were unaffected during the brief period of the bug. Learn how to set a fundraising goal for a Team Fundraising page.
In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we are very pleased to launch our
People and planet
: a showcase for our company's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); sustainability; and accessibility. In keeping with our publicly stated progressive values, the page makes clear our support for
people and the health of our one and only planet. Read about our people- and planet-centered beliefs and commitments.
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